Four Thousand Weeks

Our lifespan is about four thousand weeks long. Every single week we receive an opportunity to learn something new. It would be a foolish idea to waste it.

Four thousand weeks… The voice of the endless fear inside us is crying out loud: “It cannot be!” The bare truth is that period of 4,000 weeks translates into 76.7 years - the average human lifespan. Maths was always reaching far beyond the dream bubbles of our own emotions, holding the key to the absolute truth.

The truth can be very depressing, especially for those who have already wasted too much time. We tend to spend whole weeks of our life by re-evaluating our past or fantasizing about the future. We are dreaming our lives rather than living them. Time flies, and it seems that nothing can fulfill our expectations. Such a life is full of injustice, regret, despair and… fear.

Not everyone is lucky enough to live all four thousand weeks. We do not know what will happen to us tomorrow. There is maybe no time to regret, no time to plan, no time to be afraid. The only time that left is the time for… life. Time for enjoying the fresh air with every breath, feeling the gentle touch of the morning breeze, watching a dewdrop sliding down the leaf, touching soft carpet of grass with your bare feet… Real happiness is hidden in the present time, somewhere between seconds of our lives. It is there if you want it to be. If you let happiness just pass around, seconds will become minutes, minutes will become days and days will become weeks…

Four thousand weeks… what one can do in such a time span? Some people can do nothing, but waiting for death… Some people can save the world. We have freedom of choice, all of us.

When you enjoy every single second of your life, four thousand weeks seem like eternity.

Ph.D. Candidate in Astrophysics and Research Assistant

My research interests include stellar astrophysics, data analysis and high-performance computing.